Monday, March 16, 2009


O is for:

Oranges are so sweet and succulent, how can one resist such appeal?
Oceans are beautiful. Whether I'm watching the whales from the rainy Pacific Northwest, or baking on the Brazilian beaches, I love the Ocean.
Oats make the best breakfast. Just add a little honey. They also make the best cookies: oatmeal raisin... Yummy.
October is my favorite time of year. I also love Halloween.
Onomatopoeia are fun to use. Plus, what would graphic novels be without them?
Ocelots are interesting. If you have never seen one, do so.
Owls are majestic. They are also a symbol of wisdom.
Oak trees have pretty leaves. They also make beautiful wood furniture.
The Office is a funny show that I watch every once in awhile.
Orange is one of my favorite colors. Especially Fall orange.

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Heidi said...

Sweet! Loved it. :) And you.