Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New blog, new site!

Hey Folks! (if anyone is still following... which I doubt because I haven't posted in probably over a year)
Anyway- I've finally gotten the foundation done for my new website (for art- which is what I do) and that website includes a blog. Not sure if I'll keep this one up as I'll be spending most of my typing energy on website upkeep, and posting to my new blog.
So you're probably annoyed and skipped over all that so you could see what the heck this new site is that I'm talking about so here it is:
AND here's the link directly to the blog:

So.. I hope you all enjoy my new site. Please feel free to comment- especially so I know that it's working... heh.

Also- normally I don't do this because I'm not really into the social network stuff, but because it's inevitable if I want to promote my work you can also follow me on Twitter, and "like" me on Facebook. Ha! That sounds so funny to me.

Twitter feed: @TheArtistKim
Facebook: The Artist Kim Webb

P.S. The picture at the top is an original piece by me called "Bluebird Girl."