Sunday, April 4, 2010

Paul McCartney: LIVE!

Life wish list: check one off!

I just got back from an amazing week in Utah and Arizona. Rrrrrreally amazing. Here's why:
First, I got to see my dad in the Timpanogos Valley Theater Company production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. (My dad did an awesome French accent!) This was his 4th (I think) show he's done with them- and they have all been great!
Secondly, I had an adventurous day with my sister and her friends. I walked all the way to school to have lunch with her, and walked home with all of them. We did a "hobo photo shoot" and watched Fantastic Mr. Fox (which I didn't finish.) Then I got to hang out with one of my best friends, Nate- and we both sucked at bowling, but it was still fun.

THEN, I flew to Phoenix with my mom where it was over eighty degrees! That's shorts and tee shirt weather, people! 
Some great things about Phoenix in the Spring:
1. It's hot but not too hot. (50-86 F)

2. It's really green! (I thought we'd be in a sand pit!)

3. It smells INCREDIBLE! The neighborhood we were in use to be an orange grove, so the remaining trees blossom and I exaggerate not: the air smells like the best perfume ever. Not only did we get to smell the orange blossoms, but we ate fresh, juicy oranges every day! (PLUS- we went to the Desert Botanical Garden and they had a billion good smells because of the blooming Sweet Pea type of trees they had. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.)

4. Arts festival! What more can I say? We bought some oil that smells just like the orange tree so I can smell like Phoenix Springtime all year!

5. Good food. (This is actually an all-year thing, but we had some dang good food there!)

Tee shirt designs I made for the concert.

Besides the fact that I love Phoenix- I was there mainly for Paul. Yes, that is right. Sir Paul McCartney in Phoenix- LIVE! 
That man is 67 and he puts on the best show that ever was! (besides the Beatles, I'm sure) 3 hours of performing and NO BREAKS! He was BARELY sweating! And he still sounded energetic. The whole time! I sat next to a man who had seen the Beatles when he was a teenager! I LOVED being around Beatles fans especially when Paul sang SO MANY Beatles songs. I got teary during "Blackbird" and "A Day In the Life" in which he turned the third verse into "Give Peace A Chance" as a tribute to John Lennon. SO great. SO SO SO great.

I have to thank my mom for that amazing weekend. Thanks for the best birthday present ever!!!

And by the way, I'm 22 now.