Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Ever have a good shuffle day? I have.
Let me explain: a good shuffle day is when you put your itunes on shuffle and you don't find yourself skipping any songs because they are all hitting your listening palette perfectly. Usually it's not something you notice, but today I think it was an extra good shuffle because I did notice that all of the songs were perfect for my mood. You are probably wondering why I even have songs that I would skip in my library, but sometimes you're in the mood for certain songs, and sometimes you're not.
Here's a sample of what I've heard today (backwards):

Linus & Lucy - Wynton Marsalis
C Moon -Paul McCartney
Velvet Sky -Los Lonely Boys
One Thing Leads To Another  -The Fixx
Just What I Needed  -The Cars
Someone Keeps Moving My Chair  -They Might Be Giants
Again -Lenny Kravitz
Brown Eyes -Kirby Heyborne
Piggies -The Beatles (George Harrison)
Nobody Else -Los Lonely Boys
Hand-Me-Down Tune -The Avett Brothers
Until The Last Moment -Yanni
Colors -Amos Lee
Lean On Me -Bill Withers
M79  - Vampire Weekend

"Push the button, Max!"