Thursday, March 26, 2009

Once Upon a Mountain

We approached the canyon. There was already a feeling of change in the air, like we had gone through an invisible gate to another world. The suburbs and the city were completely out of range and out of sight. Just the sky and the earth. The river we paralleled sparkled like jade through the shadows of the aromatic pines. I felt as if I could scoop up a handful of water and it would turn into gemstones. The rocks and hills rang out in their own powerful glory. I was so humbled in this organic tapestry woven by the Great Artist. I saw a frozen pond and felt the energy of life creeping around it just waiting on the verge of springtime. The days brought indigo skies and warm, sunny, freedom. The nights brought bright stars and a comforting blanket of silence. The moss on the trees spoke to my soul as if to say it had one, too. The air was life. I could only become more alive when I breathed it in. I began to grow in slow, steady rhythm with the forest. I existed only as it did. There was no other way to persist. To share the enchanting beauty was majestic and surreal. We were patches of morning mist, suspended just above the vital soil.

Monday, March 16, 2009


O is for:

Oranges are so sweet and succulent, how can one resist such appeal?
Oceans are beautiful. Whether I'm watching the whales from the rainy Pacific Northwest, or baking on the Brazilian beaches, I love the Ocean.
Oats make the best breakfast. Just add a little honey. They also make the best cookies: oatmeal raisin... Yummy.
October is my favorite time of year. I also love Halloween.
Onomatopoeia are fun to use. Plus, what would graphic novels be without them?
Ocelots are interesting. If you have never seen one, do so.
Owls are majestic. They are also a symbol of wisdom.
Oak trees have pretty leaves. They also make beautiful wood furniture.
The Office is a funny show that I watch every once in awhile.
Orange is one of my favorite colors. Especially Fall orange.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Advegtures are Fruitastic

...and so is the title of this blog. I've really been trying to eat well, and increase my health for awhile now, although walking 8 miles a day was probably a little high to start with because now my knee is swollen and stiff. Besides exercising, I've been eating "healthy" foods. Which, in my opinion, should actually be categorized as delicious foods. I don't think you can get better than fresh tangelos, ripe bananas, and crisp carrots. I've always loved to experiment with cooking, especially when it comes to making pies, but lately I've been creating some healthier and even more delicious dishes with my culinary improvisation. By the way, I'm also avoiding sugary things; that means no candy, cookies, or other desserts. A sweet juicy fruit gives me the sugar I need.
This morning, I sliced up some golden delicious apples and put them in a pan with a little cinnamon and some honey (I find it to be the best sweetener) I let the apples cook until they were tender and soaked with flavor, then I added it to a bowl of hot oatmeal. It was really sweet, and I didn't feel too guilty about the honey, especially since it was breakfast and I needed power for an exam.
For lunch, I mixed up some steamed asparagus, sliced roma tomatoes, a little lemon pepper, and put them in a cream cheese coated tofu wrap. I covered a pan with olive oil and put the "pockets" in the oven for a few minutes. Then, voila! A delicious and nutritious meal. 
Besides being creative with cooking, I've been doing some other "projects" with fruit and veggies. I love the color they have- it makes them look so much more appetizing. So I worked with some (silly) photos and created some "story photos." I also had fun with a few vegetables, just for an illustration.

Monday, March 2, 2009


With the coming of March, I find it hard to sit in room full of people mechanically taking notes and sucking up irrelevant information produced by droning professors. The first reason being that I would rather be taking advantage of the warm weather, instead of the artificial luminescence and tiled cubes that I must sit inside during the days. The second reason being that I am drowning in this sea of humanity. I relish the solitary escapes I can procure, especially the ones spent in nature. I've made a habit these past 2 weeks to walk up to the canyon where I find myself venturing off of the trail down to the water. The sound of rushing water is so comforting after hearing cars, people, and machines buzzing homogeneously. On occasion I'll read some Les Mis, or make a drawing in my sketch book or even in the sand.
I find myself more often when I am not in the company of anyone. Although I am truly never alone. God is always there, and I feel a strong connection to him when I allow my solitude to be utilized for such a purpose. I see his hand in all things, especially nature.
Why is it that so many of us must always surround ourselves with friends? Of course, there are numerous valid answers to this question, but sometimes I think we do it for the wrong reasons. To feel loved is great, to feel unity is wonderful, to be a friend to someone is fantastic, but we don't need to be in the company of others just to feel of worth, or even that our time is well spent. Do you ever just go to someone's place just so you aren't "bored," only to do the same or even less than what you were doing alone? I am guilty of this, tenfold. It is human nature for us to congregate. It's vital to remember that we do not only have or fellow men, but God as well. We must recognize that he is the one that matters the most. He sees our hearts, our thoughts, what we do and who we are when we are by ourselves.
I supposed I have redefined solitude when I say that when we are alone, God is with us.