Monday, October 27, 2008


You, Francine. Ooh Francine.
You see something even when you close your eyes.
I don't know what it is, only that it seems to mesmerize.
I try so hard to strain my eyes so I can see it, too.

I wanna wake up with that look on my face.
The one I see you wear and it makes me wonder:
Is it color? Is it light? 
Do you see floating lilies, or glowworms in the night?
What appears to you?

If I could, I would slip behind your eyelids while you're dreaming.
Francine, won't you let me creep unto your mind? Let me hear your symphony that's streaming.
You, Francine, Ooh.
Even when I think of your name
You feel it and place it in a picture frame.
It's there on the walls of your imagination.
Is there a door in that wall so I can come for a visit?
Francine, even a window would suffice. Just a little view would be oh, very nice.

I wanna sleep out underneath your stars. 
The ones I see that shine in your eyes when you wander.
Is it inquiry? Is it thought?
Do you feel a great connection, or solace from the swarm that you have fought?

This is a song that I wrote the lyrics to; my friend Jordan Gibby is writing the music.


Herring Family said...

Hey Kim! wow you are so amazing! You really are an amazing artist! I wish i could draw or write as well as you! How are things going? its been a long time!

Micah Goode said...

Kim! Your blog is amazing! You are such a great artist! How are you?
I am adding you to my friends! :) I hope you dont mind!

Lesa said...

hey, just noticing you havent blogged for a while. how is everything going?