Monday, October 13, 2008

Back in Time

New look= new post. I finally took the time to make my blog look somewhat how I wanted it to, but I haven't taken the time to post anything, but here I am. Finally.
Fall must be past the point of being official now because it's snowed for 
3 days here. And it has not melted yet. I just home that I will be able to enjoy a few colorful leaves before they all freeze and fall off. 
There's a lot of topics I could write about at this time, but I'm not even going to mention them. I think everyone gets a little stressed when they read any news these days. I will mention a few of my latest adventures, though. I went to an 80s theme
d dance on Friday night at the church Institute. It was really fun, especially the dressing up part. I was disappointed, but not surprised to find that 95% of the students were wearing aerobics outfits: spandex, big shirts with belts, leg w
armers, sweatbands and side ponytails. I know I was only born at the end of the 80s, but I'm also aware that everyone did not dress like that. I trie
d my best to avoid that cliche take on the decade, and I'm happy to say that the group of friends I went with did, too.  I tried the denim look, with a skirt and a jacket. Of course I'm a thorough researcher, so I m
ade sure to 
stay pretty accurate. The best part was my ruffly ankle socks with high heels. My feet ached and burned by the end of 
the night, but the unique look was worth it.  I was impressed with the DJ for playing 80s music as well, different genres and artists that almost everyone recognized. Ever since I heard about the dance, I have been on an 80s movie kick. Although I didn't sit through all of them, here is a list of 80s movies that definitely give you a taste of the decade:
The Breakfast Club- Definitely a more mature movie, but it's reminiscent of an S.E. Hinton novel with it's messages and raw look at social grou
Pretty in Pink- this one was made me cringe when it came to fashion. I couldn't believe the things the main character wore, or what she did to a vintage prom dress at the end. The best part of the movie- and why it's worth watching- is the character, Ducky, played by John Cryer. Watch it and you'll understand why I love him.
Summer Vacation
- I don't know how the heck I managed to discover this one, but it's definitely got to be on the 80s movie list. It has a predictable plot, but the ch
aracters are interesting, and like The Breakfast
 Club, it demonstrates the 80s cliques in high school. In fact, now that I'm thinking about it, it's the same story, just with a lighter conclusion and less underlying messages.
Sixteen Candles- This movie is also mature, but then again, all of these movies are. Once again, it stars Molly Ringwald (also starred in Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink). If you aren't past your teenage insecure stage, don't watch this movie. The first time I saw it I just felt depressed because of all the nightmarish and embarrassing situations she is put through. Of course there's a happy ending.
Teen Witch- Made for a younger audience, this cult film is fantastically cheesy. It even has a couple of super random musical numbe
rs that will cause you to watch the scenes over again. I love the clothes in this one when the main character goes from uncool, to "the most popular." The only part I have a hard time watching is that creepy little lady that plays the exorcist on Poltergeist. It's no Harry Potter.
Back to the Future- One of my absolute favorite movies, there is no need to talk about this one, because who doesn't love it? Michael J. Fox is adorable, and who can resist quoting the lines? "Hey McFly...."
21 Jumpstreet- Okay, this isn't a movie, but I happen to have 2 seasons on DVD, and I love it. Johnny Depp stars in this cop show that takes agents undercover in high schools. It covers a lot of big issues, but it stays light throughout. Besides, a 21-year-old Johnny Depp is impossible to resist. 

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