Friday, December 7, 2007

Growing Up

Maturity. How do we define ourselves when it comes to this? Are we childlike and immature? Are we responsible and "grown-up?" When I was young, I looked at those around me that were "bigger" and wondered how I would ever act like they did. I really never felt like I changed as my age progressed, and by the time I was an "adult" at 18, I felt like a kid still. In fact, I still feel like a kid. Even with so many changes, living on my own, and being around other adults, the concept still hasn't phased me. I got over the fact (although it's only been a year) that even though I am an adult- doesn't mean I have to change. That doesn't mean that I can run about irresponsibly, that just means that I can be myself.
I often think of myself as immature, but really, I think I have changed. The changes are subtle, of course, all coming from knowledge by experience. I took a step back the other day to look at the way I act, and although my personality is ultimately the same as it was before, I have definitely become more mature. I don't think twice about being myself, knowing that I am appreciated by those around me without acting like a "grown-up." Besides, look at all those "adults" I hang out with. They can't say anything about being "mature."
There is one thing I think I should say, in spite of my lack of experience in this field, but what about young adults that think they are mature. I'm talking about the 18 and 19 year olds that start to take on 25 and 26 year old responsibility when they are still very young. Personally, I believe those individuals are missing out. Especially the girls who marry very young, and become mothers. I am NOT saying this is a bad idea. It just could be. I have heard of too many individuals that have a hard marriage and life because they rushed into adulthood too soon, not ready for all of the responsibilities that come with it. There are many, though, who possess the right traits and qualities that are ready to take on anything no matter how young they are. I would not be able to handle a load like that, and there is so much I still want to do before I settle. School, travel, and becoming smart in relationships are a few of those things. I think in my heart I'll remain a kid forever.

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