Friday, November 16, 2007


What is it that makes something "deep?" Is is the profoundness of the statement? The knowledge that is displayed? Or is it deep because it makes one really think? I've heard many people try to sound deep by using a "smart" vocabulary, or saying something that really doesn't make any sense. Poetic statements or questions may also seem deep. Perhaps they are. Perhaps I'm wrong about what deep is, but I'm going to write what I think of it, anyway.
To me, deep, is the wrong term to use. Because it is so general, I like to think that something is thoughtful, instead. Or perhaps it isn't even a profound or thoughtful statement at all- maybe what was said or written just provoked a thought. I guess I really have no conclusion for the question of what is deep, I just feel that the term covers a broad range.
Am I trying to be deep? No. Obviously, I'm not just writing about my day, or funny jokes that I just have to share. I just like to think. I feel that if I explore my own thoughts, feelings, and insights, I will truly discover myself. I am a person who likes to ponder the questions of life. I listen to talk radio because I want to know. I want to think about the world around me. I want to think about why we do the things we do. I want to think about my problems, and how to solve them. I want to think about my blessings. I want to think about how I can be a better person. I want to think about how I can make the world better. I can't think about any of this without learning how to think, however. I feel it is essential for one to know oneself before walking on the frail tightrope of others' feelings.
Deep? Perhaps. What do you think deep is?

Song of the Day: "Getting Better"- The Beatles


-Travis Moulton- said...

im fighting the temptation to comment on how deep of a topic that was

berto said...

reply to your comment:

well for the time being you are just Michael's sister. I would've come to SUU, but Mike tends to get a little possessive when it comes to some things. Like college girls. haha.


P.S. It's just cause I'd scare them away though :P