Friday, November 5, 2010

Two Thumbs Up

Song for this post (From Amelie):

An Unofficial Movie Critic's List of Highly Recommended Films:

 (Because that sounds better than "Kim likes these movies.) By the way, this is a short list compared to my entire list of good movies. I just wanted to include some that probably aren't as popular or have
been overlooked. I also picked unique movies that have stood out to me and apart from any others.
It's a rare find.

I wrote details about the movies vaguely, ON PURPOSE. There's nothing better than a good movie that
you have no idea what it's about. Seriously. Please, don't go watching previews on Youtube after you
read this list. If you are afraid of what you'll find if you watch these, then don't even read the list
because you will be missing out.

Amelie- Perfectly French, and full of optimistic realism. Whimsical and visually intriguing. I LOVE this
film. It makes me want to do so many good things.

Love Actually- A Yin and Yang of Love stories all woven together. (Note: Make sure you watch it edited or with someone who knows where to skip during the questionable, and unnecessary scenes.) It's
definitely worth the watch. There are so many love stories (I use the term "love stories" in a completely different way that you'll understand after seeing it) that you are bound to really get into at least one of them. This movie has the best wedding scene ever. Ever.

Harold & Maude- Very quirky and unexpected story. So unique and charming. The characters are people I will wish I really knew. The soundtrack is all done by Cat Stevens!

Léon: The Professional- Dark, but full of innocence. Violent, but focused on the relationship of the two main characters and its development. I saw this movie on TV when I was very young and it really intrigued me. Watching even now intrigues me. Features a scene with one of my favorite songs. You'll know when you hear it.

Finding Neverland- A sweet romantic story. The humor made me smile, but it's romantic, so I wasn't rolling around on the floor laughing. (I don't always have to be)

Holiday (1938)- I love the character of Katherine Hepburn in this film. She is how I love to be. Quick 1930's humor and charm. Cary Grant is also a stud. Short and sweet.

About A Boy- Watch this movie if you've ever:
a) Been a dork.
b) Been a kid.
c) Liked Hugh Grant.
d) Enjoyed music.

The Ghost Writer- (Not to be confused with the early 90's kid show, "Ghostwriter") If you like Alfred Hitchcock, then you will enjoy this film full of foggy shadows and lurking corners. A mystery, and a thriller, but a very steady moving one. This movie had me clutching the edge of my mind, rather than the edge of my seat. By the way, I don't like scary movies, and if this were one, it wouldn't be here.

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Sarah and Pedro Granja said...

Sounds good! I'll have to check out some of those.