Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Huaraches Update

Sooo... I got the stuff to make the huaraches in the mail yesterday and I was very careful about measuring and tracing my feet so I wouldn't waste material. Except for one thing- I didn't flip over the pattern I was using and I cut out 2 right feet! Although I may dance like it- I DO happen to have a right foot and a left foot. So that means I have to order another kit. I'm going to make two left feet and I'll have 2 pairs of Huaraches! Luckily I made mine first because I had to make a pair for Garrett, too. Which, by the way, turned out perfectly. We just have to decide how to tie them.
Great news: Spring is finally here! It snowed yesterday, but it's been sunny and the snow is melting. I even went birding the other day. I've seen Stellar's Jays, Chickadees, an Osprey, and even made friends with a cute little Nuthatch.

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