Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Girl of 100 Lists

I am a list-writer. I have many notebooks, of which, half of the pages are filled with lists. Never lists of what I need to do that week, or day. Never lists of classes that I have, or homework that is unfinished. Lists of everything but those things.

List of lists I have created (in no particular order):
1. Best Ice Cream Flavors
2. Most tantalizing male voices
3. Places I want to visit
4. Best-smelling scents
5. My crushes ages 8 to 18: "43 boys I've luvd"
6. Greatest rainy day songs
7. Favorite Toys
8. Perfect songs for Summer
9. Most Loved Literary Heroines
10. Most Loved Literary Heroes
11. Favorite Actors/Actresses of the 50s & 60s
12. Books to read more than once
13. Band Names (just in case)
14. Kim Makes Up Pies: Recipes
15. List of lists I have created

These are just a sampling of many other lists I have created. My newest, yet oldest, list is called my "Life List." It consists of things I have not done, but that I am determined to accomplish in this life. Some are really simple, and some are kind of a big deal. Here's the beginning of it: (also in no particular order)

- Travel to Brazil (Recife)
- See Sting in concert
- Sleep in a hammock
- See the sky from a high point, to view the entire dome, and nothing else
- Write 2 good songs on the guitar
- Get a puppy
- Go snowmobiling
- Go kayaking
- Visit Mt. Rushmore
- See Paul McCartney 
- Kiss in the rain
- Paint another wall mural
- Sew a dress
- Speak a foreign language well
- Play/sing in a band
- Visit Liverpool
- Visit Tokyo
- Try every kind of cheese
- Change a life
- Master the art of sushi-making
- many other things...
"Ghetto blasters, phony jewels, cathedrals, castles, making up rules. This is a list of the things I love. I am the girl of 100 lists; from what I shall wear, to who I have kissed. Check items off, let nothing be missed, sing I to myself and my 100 lists..." -The Go-Gos 
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Heidi said...

You've definitely got to visit Rio too. Not just Recife. Why Recife, anyway? And I want to see the list of Most Tantalizing Male Voices.

Kim said...

I just wrote Recife because I knpw I'll at least be going there, but I'll go to Rio too, if you say so. And I'll tell you that list, too.

natalie said...

oh kim. what an inspiration you are. lists are great things and can really clear your mind. i wish i could be as philosophical with my list making skills as you have become. props. to you. for sure.
ha ha i am glad i can be an inspiration of hippiness to michael... although he does think i am a bit ridiculous... but you know where i am comin from! you just have to love the animals.. thats all. ha ha
yeah, crashing at your apartment at suu would be fantastic.. i promise i would be a good apartment dweller, i will even bring food to contribute to the starving college student cabinets? ha ha as payment for my lodging?