Saturday, August 18, 2007

Last Day of Summer

It's pouring outside on this last day of Summer. Not surprisingly, I love it. Living in a drought makes me thirst for weather like this every day of the year. Maybe I'll move to Seattle someday. The thing about the rain today is- Heidi's wedding.(" Isn't it ironic..") My very close friend is getting married today, and it's raining. She's not the type of person that would be upset over it though, so I hope the precipitation doesn't put a damper on her day.
This summer has been memorable- very emotional, and somewhat interesting. I haven't gone on any vacations, I haven't gone to Lagoon, or even to a swimming pool. I didn't go camping or fishing. I basically just spent time with my Katie and Sarah. I'm so thankful for Sarah. I've been through so much misery these past months and she's the one who has helped me have fun and focus on other things. I basically lost my best friend 3 months ago- and Sarah has helped fix the hole in my heart. Although, I know it will be long before that hole has completely disappeared. Today is the day I have to pack for college, go to a wedding, and figure out my life. Sounds like I'll be busy.
I'm really gonna miss being around my family.

Question of the day: How would you describe your style?
My Answer: I talked about this the other day with Sarah, and we both decided that we don't have a "style." If I did describe mine I'd say it was colorful and retro, but that would be too exclusive. I like so many different things. Whenever I go shopping with my friends, they point out things that are "so Kim" and, of course, I agree. For now, my style is just me.

Song of the Day: "A Day in The Life"- The Beatles

Peace Love & Raindrops,
Hee Hee

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